Are you the organizer or promoter of a race, a sporting event, a prize, a tournament or a street demonstration linked to sport themes? We can help you!

But first, tell us a little about yourself and the event you manage.
In detail, send us an email to specifying all the following information:

  • Event organizer : name and role in the case of a private person and / or company name of the sports club involved. If the event sees the participation of more than one person and / or company, list them all.

  • Photos and / or videos of the previous edition : attach to the email or indicate links to view photos and / or videos of the previous or previous editions.

  • Event website : indicate the link to the event website, if any, and to the social pages linked to the event (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, others).

  • Start date and duration of the event : indicate when the event will be held, for how many days and at what times.

  • Place : specify in which city and in what type of place (square, sports hall, stadium, beach, etc.) the event will be held.

  • Number of participants : indicate the number of participants in the sporting activity, or an estimate if it is open to all.

  • Age range : indicate the average age of the participants in the event.

  • Sports to practice : indicate which sports will be practiced during the event; if there is more than one, list them all.

  • Gender of participants : specify whether it is an event with the exclusive or prevalent presence of male or female athletes or mixed.

  • Presence of testimonials : list all eventual testimonials of the event, such as presenters, athletes, former athletes, personalities from institutions or entertainment and other celebrities who will attend the event.

Finally, you can indicate in your message what kind of collaboration you would like to establish with us, what type of supply you need, if you need equipment as well as sportswear, which sizes you need most (adult or child), what types of customization the items you need (digital printing of the logo, sponsors, players' names, etc.).

Once your request has been received, our marketing department will be in touch with you to ask you for further information or to give you direct feedback; we will reply to you both in the positive and in the negative case.

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