Almost all the items in our catalog can be customized with the name and logo of the team or sports club they belong to, the name and logo of one or more sponsors, the jersey number (consisting of one or more digits) and the name and / or surname of the player.

NB: for the materials used, unfortunately it is not possible to make prints of any kind on the k-way.

Costs of digital printing


UNIT COST (VAT included) < / p>


< b> € 2.50

SPONSOR standard

< b> 3,00 €


< b> 3.50 €

standard NUMBER

< b> 3,00 €

large NUMBER

< b> 3.50 €

Standard NAME

< b> 3,00 €

NAME large

< b> 3.50 €

Usually, for speed of realization and lower costs, among the various methods of customizing our items, the choice falls on digital printing, which is the most requested, but it is not the only option for personalizing your sportswear. Thanks to our internal tailoring laboratory , we also offer the customization service with embroidery, whose production times and costs are very variable and can only be quoted upon receipt of the logo to be reproduced.
Customizing with us is simple.
Compose your cart and click on the CUSTOMIZE YOUR PRODUCTS button, please tell us what type of print and / or embroidery you want to have on the various items you have purchased and the related wording to be printed (eg. "No. 1 Dribbling Kit, Green Color, Size L - Player Name: Mario Rossi, Jersey Number: 10 ").
You will then receive a first email with the summary, and after having read your request we will send you a second email with the proforma containing the exact amount of the printing costs.
To proceed with the confirmation and the relative payment, simply access your PERSONAL AREA and choose the payment method you prefer.
PLEASE NOTE: For purchases with personalization, it will not be possible to make a return and payment on delivery is not foreseen.
If you need help, you can always contact our customer service who will be happy to guide you through the procedure.
Time for digital printing: about 7 working days
Times for embroidery: to be calculated after receiving the
logo Delivery times and shipping costs by express courier are the same as those that apply to standard (non-personalized) orders.
Therefore, an order with personalized items with digital printing will be delivered in Italy to the address indicated in 8/10 working days calculated from the date of receipt of payment.
In the case of orders with customizations, we require a payment method different from those indicated in the section relating to payment methods for standard orders.
Specifically, for orders with customizations it is necessary to pay in advance before printing the goods.
Therefore, the only accepted payment methods are online payment with credit cards, debit cards, PayPal and bank transfer; cash on delivery is not eligible.
We also remind you that for customized goods, the right of withdrawal is not applicable and no refund can be requested.
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