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Request for sponsorship



Are you the promoter or manager of a sports event, a race, a prize, a tournament or a public demonstration linked to sports themes? We can help you!

But first, let's talk a little about you and the event you manage. In detail, email us at specifying all the following information:

  • Event organizer: name and role in the case of a private and/or corporate entity of the sports company involved. If the event involves more parties and/or companies, please list them all.

  • Photos and/or videos of the previous edition: attach to the mail or specify the link to view photos and/or videos of the previous edition(s).

  • Website of the event: the website of the event, if any, and the social pages of the event (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, others).

  • Start date and duration of the event: when the event will be held, for how many days and at which times.

  • Location: which city and which type of place (square, sports hall, stadium, beach, etc.) will host the event.

  • Number of participants: the exact number of participants in the sports activities, or an estimate if the event is open to everyone.

  • Age Range: the average age of the participants in the event.

  • Sport to be practiced: which sport will be practiced during the event; in case there are more than one, list them all.

  • Participants sex: specify whether it is an exclusive male or female event or there is a prominent presence of men or women athletes or mixed.

  • Testimonials: list all the event’s testimonials, such as presenters, athletes, former athletes, institutions and show business personalities and other celebrities who will attend the event.

Finally, you can indicate in your message what kind of collaboration you would like to establish with us, what type of supply you need, whether you need only equipments or also sportswear, which sizes you need most (adults or kids), what kind of personalization you need (digital printing of logo, sponsor, mesh numbers, player names, etc.).

Once we received your request, our marketing office will take care of it and will contact you to ask for further information or to directly give you a response; we will answer you both in positive or negative case.




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