Going to the gym: 3 useful tips not to quit halfway

Going to the gym: 3 useful tips not to quit halfway

The gym requires patience, perseverance and sacrifice. At the beginning, you start very motivated with great desire, you go shopping, buy a new training suit, new shoes, sports bag, towel, water bottle, bathrobe and slippers, you sign up at the gym loaded with enthusiasm, paying perhaps a quarterly or even annual subscription. Unfortunately, however, as is often the case, after the first few months you start to get bored and start finding excuses for not going and slowly abandon the workout. Do not worry, you're not alone. But why does that happen? The reasons are different.

The reasons for leaving the gym

Sometimes the main cause is laziness: at the end of a hard work day is much more comfortable and fulfilling (in the short term) just lying back on the couch instead of going to the gym to sweat and tire yourself further. Moreover, to get to the gym maybe you have to drive, find parking; after the workout you have to take a shower and shampoo ... all time-consuming activities that you don’t always want to do.

Another demoralizing factor may be the results that are too late to arrive, but it could not be otherwise if you are not constant: it is like a dog chasing its tail! Other times, it is the monotony of the exercises to be followed in the fitness room, which are always the same for weeks, making it even more boring to go to the gym.

Why you should not do it

It is well-known that physical activity is good for both your body and your mind and is therefore of fundamental importance for an overall psycho-physical well-being. Attending a gym can, in fact, help you in your social life, to have contacts with new people, who may become friends, lovers, business partners or clients. Sport also improves the quality of your sleep that will affect the mood you will have throughout the day.

Tips to Avoid It

Here are a number of useful tips for not leaving the gym, and more generally physical activity:

1 - Set achievable goals

It seems trivial to say, but weight loss, muscle mass gain, and definition of the figure are results that you only get with a consistent exercise. To ensure that your metabolism speeds up and your body starts to burn faster, it's not enough to train for a month or two, but you have to follow the principle of the little but often: two/three workouts a week throughout the whole year.

You must set goals that are achievable in the short, medium and long term so you can check them often and you will not get low by always seeing the finish line too far. Remember that when you leave mid-year, or after a few months from the beginning of your efforts, you're throwing away all the work done so far, and it's a real shame.

2 - Alternate weight training with group courses

If you find that the exercises recommended by your coach or personal trainer are too boring, you may want to listen to your favorite music while you train. Music, in fact, helps you relax and makes fatigue and physical effort more bearable. Or you can ask the instructor to prepare a schedule that includes at least 2 training options, maybe a total body and a circuit training, so you can vary the exercises from day to day. Still, you could alternate body weight training with aerobic group classes, where you will not even notice the passage of time.

3 - Sign up with a friend, a colleague, a family member

Going to the gym in two or even better with a group of friends or family members is one of the most effective deterrents not to abandon. In fact, if one of your dearest or beloved ones is waiting for you to go for training, it will be very hard to say no and miss the appointment. Even more if you arrange shifts to drive: when it’s your turn to get the car and go to pick up all your mates, you'll feel really obliged to go. Finally, you could also arrange to go to the gym with a colleague during the lunch break you do not take time away from your evening activities.

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