How to become a professional footballer: a dream that could come true

How to become a professional footballer: a dream that could come true

The success of an atlete for sure is a matter of talent, but not just that. If, in fact, sporting talent is something innate, it must be accompanied by a series of elements like constancy, sacrifice, passion, mental strength and, last but not least, a pinch of luck.

To become a professional football player it is preferable to start soon with the first kicks, even in preschool and just for playing at a recreational level. From the age of 6 to 13, it is advisable to join a youth team wearing your first soccer jersey.

The athletic preparation must be done on an ongoing basis: it is necessary to train every day for several hours a day, with and without the ball, in all weather conditions and participate regularly in matches on the weekends. It’s also good to start joining summer rallies and training camps as well as taking part in juvenile tournaments organized at school, at regional and national levels. In this way, from the youth team, you can gradually switch to amateurs and semi-professionals.

You must combine sports to a healthy lifestyle, made up of a proper and balanced diet and regular schedules and habits. It is important to sleep enough, at least 7 hours per night, to allow your body to rest after physical exercise and to have no defects which could affect the overall health, such as smoking and alcohol.

Over time, the aspiring professional footballer - in addition to the technique - must learn how to develop compelling behavioral skills to emerge, such as discipline, determination, team spirit, fair play, adaptability and resistance to stress and emotional pressure. To become great it is also important to learn from the best ones: it is good practice to watch over and over again the soccer matches of professional teams, at national and international level, and analyze their game rhythms and paces, modules, schemes and plays.

To be noticed by the observers of professional soccer clubs, in addition to talent, it is important to demonstrate a number of other qualities, such as the ability to play and sacrifice for the team, good communication skills, leadership skills inside and outside the field. You have to be ambitious and competitive, but, however, never be unfair. Always stay focused, never lose control, accept criticism, and learn from your mistakes.

No one can assure you that, with the combination of all these elements, one day you’ll become a true professional footballer, but surely this is the best possible way to accomplish one of the most common and fascinating dreams of this era, especially among young guys who identify with their idols on tv.

We strongly believe in young people and, besides creating and selling product lines dedicated to the youngest, we support as a technical sponsor several amateur and professional tournaments, giving out soccer uniforms, training suits, jerseys and soccer balls. All the greatest players have been kids, then courage and good luck!

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