Start practicing running: technical clothing and mini training program

Start practicing running: technical clothing and mini training program

Physical activity is always good but there are sports that "make you feel better than others" and running is one of these.

The benefits of running

Practicing running brings a lot of benefits to the body: it improves muscle tone, is useful if you need to keep weight under control or to lose weight, improves circulation but the most important thing is that it improves your mood. In fact, a good race puts you in a good mood because it helps to relieve stress and tension.

It is no coincidence that in professional athletes, and especially in marathons, there is a phenomenon called runner's high, a feeling of real euphoria caused by endorphins that are released during physical activity.

What to do before you start

Before you put your suit and start running, of course you should ask your doctor if you are fit or not to practice this sport. If so, you need to have the right shoes, and when we talk about the right shoe we are referring to running shoes! It is not advisable to use shoes designed for other sports (eg tennis shoes) to run! Then, choose your running kit, make a beautiful playlist of songs that give you the right charge, insert it into your mp3 player or smartphone, get up from the couch and start running!

Schedule to start practicing running

Obviously, no one can start practicing a sport on an agonistic level, but not even amateur, without having the right preparation. So do not even dream of starting running for miles and miles without the right training.

To practice running takes perseverance and a lot of willpower, because in the beginning there will be pain, fatigue and desire to throw in the towel. With the right program to start running, however, you'll see that everything will be a breeze!

First week

The main thing is to start gradually, even just walking step by step. Schedule three exits in the first week, better than on alternate days, and walk for 30 minutes with sustained pace. Never stop, if you feel fatigued slow down your pace a bit, but do not stop completely and never abruptly.

Second week

The second week you should finally feel ready to start with the actual run: then divide your 30 minute outings into 10 fractions of 3 minutes each: 1 minute of slow running alternating to 2 minutes of fast walking.

Third week

During the third week alternate 6 times 2 minutes of slow running with 3 minutes of fast walking, always for a total of 30 minutes.

From the fourth week onwards

From the fourth week, alternate 4 minutes of slow running with 3 minutes of walk 5 times, for a total of 35 minutes. And so on. Try to increase the weekly running minutes and hence the overall training minutes of the week.

You'll see that little by little you'll begin to feel more and more vital and active. The goal is to get 1 hour of slow running without ever stopping.

So, now (running) shoes at your feet and ... good running!

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