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The Vela ball is the new football designed for competitions and training sessions for children. The product completelyy breaks the mold thanks to the innovative 4 layers that make it up which, together with the new inflation valve, the butyl inner tube and the PU surface, guarantee regular rebounds on every playing surface, wear resistance and a feel never experienced before.
The foam interior and a weight of 340 grs help young football players, who need a soft touch and maximum control in any weather condition.
The original design and vivid colours give  maximum visibility in every game situation.
Product features

  • Measure No. 3
  • Weight: 340 gr.
  • Circumference: 61cm
  • Average duration: 12 months
  • Recommended inflation: max 0.6 bar
  • PU-coated, so that the characteristics of the ball stay the same.
  • Butyl inner tube to ease regular rebounds
  • New inflation valve to avoid sudden pressure loss
  • Hand-sewn seams to increase resistance
  • Foam interior for a soft touch in any condition


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